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August - So You're Telling Me There's a Chance
July - Q&A with WRP partners
May - How to Help Your Parents Protect Their Money
April - Rebalancing Matters
March - The Folly of Chasing Dividend Yield
February - Mediation: Taking Some Sting Out of Divorce
January - Robo Advisors: Looking Beyond the Low-Cost Service
December- Ho Ho Horrible Holiday Investing Myths
November- A World Series Approach to Investing
October- Presidents and Your Portfolios
September- What Many Investors Get Wrong About "Average Returns"
August - Trust Income Tax: Not for the Faint of Heart
July - Special Investment Committee Report
June - Making Sense of Markets - Q1-16
May - What Can We Learn from A Supermodel about International Investing?
April - Estate Plan Update — Portability
March - Falling Back in Love with International Stocks
February - Why You Should Consider Freezing Your Credit Reports
January - The Dangerous Stock Picking Game
December - Reverse Mortgages Give Some Retirees the Power to Stay Put

November - Paying for Long-Term Care: Medi-Cal is More Accessible Than You Think
October - Saving for College:Muddy 529 Plan Waters
September - The Fixed Income Conundrum
August - From Heros to Zero
July - Those Gruelling U.S. Tax Rates: A Global Perspective
June - The Dark Side of Diversification
May - Are You Smarter Than a Smart Beta?
Apr - Financial Planning for Women
March - Are You Getting What You Ordered?
Jul - Werba Rubin Appreciates Your Referrals. Disclosure Brochures Replaces Form ADV Part II

Jun - Stock Market Lessons from the Loma Prieta Earthquake
May - The “Skittles” Chart & the Importance of Asset-Class Diversification
April - New Estate and Gift Tax Rules Offer Many Planning Opportunities
March - How to Cope with Inflation
February - Should You Buy Long-Term Care Insurance? The $64,000 (Per Year) Question
Dec - Tax Planning in the Midst of Uncertainty

Nov - Which Countries Comprise International and Emerging Market Funds

May - Using a Health Savings Account to Lower your Taxes
Mar - Understanding Mutual Fund Yield
Feb - Creating Dependable Retirement Distributions
Jan - Social Security Benefits: Should You Begin Drawing at Age 62?
Dec - ROTH IRA 2010: To Covert or Not To Convert

Nov - Avoid Capital Gain Tax and Disinherit the Government

Oct - Building an Effective Investment Strategy for the long term

Sep - New Law Creates Tax–Savings Opportunities
Aug - You asked us: Is Dollar-Cost Averaging an Effective Way to Enter the Market?

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